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Imaginary Point of Discontinuity

How To Get Attention (Fast)


How ENGG 251/253 Grades Are REALLY Determined

Are You An Epic Failure?

Model: Vien Nguyen

The Pi That Ends

6 Ways to Eat Pie

Done for the Pi Week issue of the GaG.

Spot the Differences!

An Engineer's Greatest Fear

How Do You Sleep In Class?

I Think I'm Gonna...

Bouncy Ball

PV = nRT

Life in the Eyes of...

The Matrix 4


Why Study?

Something my friend showed me in high school.


... in regards to the Faculty of Engineering.

The Origin

Dear Internet Wanderer,

In my first year of university, I joined the GaG committee (Geers are Gods magazine/newspaper for engineers), and I drew comics for them. Apparently, people enjoyed these, so my friend suggested I make a webcomic-type thing to showcase all these, such as xkcd. I never really bothered to get around to it... until now.

Updates would probably be around 1-2 per month because that's when a new issue of the GaG comes out... unless I happen to have time and come up with a "good" idea (... "good" is subjective).

In summary:
Updates = Unscheduled = Random

I hope these are at least pseudo-funny for those who happen to drop by.